čtvrtek 27. srpna 2015

new leaked photos?

      Will still leak new pictures of naked celebrities?

There are lots of them and Penny from the big bang theory is what to look forward to!
Penny from the big bang theory and Jennifer Lawrence still have regular
sex tape.
Penny from the big bang theory and Jennifer Lawrence still have regular sex tape.
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It seems that the initial frenzy, which started on Monday, a little quiet, but don't you think. Yet there is a huge lot of pictures that have not been published. But it is quite possible that it will never see each other again. Why?
The man who most of the already uniklých photos published, did not belong to the mysterious circle of hackers. The photos had gained only one man. On the Internet for some time, the group, which operates the photographs of hacknutých accounts and phones from the part of the collecting and collections, which leaked out was quietly for several years.
If you would like to get into a group, you would have to have some naked celebrities. Then, when you're in a group with others sharing their catch, and in return you get access to photos that have already won the group. Alternatively, it is possible to access to this group's purchase, as did the man who a few of the photos posted on the Internet. He wanted the money for them, respectively, the bitcoiny, the virtual currency to something earned. To just after the entrance to the Group was not in the red.
He ultimately failed and it seems that he does not have too many photos. Close members of the group but they have lots of them and occasionally with something to provoke discussion forums, such as when they showed the censored videos Jennifer Lawrence natřásající breasts, or now show a few new photos of Kaley Cuoco aka Penny from the big bang theory.
Will the new photos? Maybe someone is good to sell and the benefactor is published. Maybe not, but to get into the group that such photos can have thousands and thousands, including videos and sex tapes, there will be a lot harder than it was before. In particular, when the FBI chased after them intensively.     

Jennifer Lawrence exhibition

      In America should be the exhibition of uniklých photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. Eventually it will replace penises!

Theme stays, just the pictures will be a little different.

Theme stays, just the pictures will be a little different.
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The artist is one big plan XVALA. Shortly after the leaked nude photos of such celebrities as Kate Upton or Jennifer Lawrence, decided to organize an exhibition of these uniklých photos printed and framed in life size. Photos should be part of the exhibition Fear Google, which should deal with how big Internet companies are stealing our privacy.
A lot of people to the exhibition, in particular those who missed seeing pictures on the Internet, because of the interest of lawyers began to disappear at blazing speeds. However, the show eventually. Visiting the Gallery of Cory Allen Contemporary Art it canceled due to the petition, which originated among the people.
XVALA explained that respects people, which I don't like, that would be exhibited in essence stolen photos of other people, but if a lot of people looking forward to some nudity, replaces it with another. My own penis. Ahem.
Had decided to place XVALA uniklých photos of naked celebrities to publish their own "leaked" nude photos, to stay with the topic of the exhibition.
Which means that I can't expect too much, that he there came a horde of guys. Maybe a couple of girls.
XVALA is relatively well-known American artist, who likes doing different things using celebrities. For example, after the death of Steve Jobs went to his home, stole his garbage from the trash can, and from them he created the statue.     

Teacher's leaked photos

Teacher got busted and fired

      This sexy teacher leaked nude photos on the internet and got fired from her job. She worked in the Christian school!
It is not entirely a Christian!
It is not entirely a Christian!
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If you teach at a private Christian school in America, probably you shouldn't on a mobile phone to take pictures of naked. When you then someone steals a cell phone and photos on the internet, you have a problem.
Found it on my own skin, that teacher taught fifth grade at the Christian school in Cincinnati. Was she stolen iPhone, and police filed the day after her photo appeared on the Web site zveřejňujícím nude photos of people from stolen or hacknutých of mobile phones.
The school then decided to blow it from work, although for the leak of photos on the internet. Parents still support this decision, because although aware that the married mother of two children, was the victim of a crime, when teaching at a Christian school, they would not take such photographs.
The pupils of the elementary Christian school, meanwhile, merrily googlují her name and they look at your monitor in full splendor.
And that has the teacher what to show!